Kurapia Ground Cover


Kurapia is available as sod. Roll size may vary. If you are purchasing sod it has the added benefit of providing immediate full coverage of an area.  Begin by measuring the square footage you want to cover with sod.  In order to account for cutting sod around curves and borders, we recommend that you add an additional amount to the total square footage you need to purchase: add 5% for regularly shaped areas, add up to 10% for irregularly shaped areas. Divide your total square footage by 10 to determine how many rolls you need.

(Total Square Feet x 1.05) ÷ 10  =  Number of Rolls



Kurapia is also available in greenhouse trays containing 72 plugs. The closer plugs are spaced during planting, the quicker the area will be established. We usually recommend spacing Kurapia plugs 18” on center, which should cover fully in approximately 3 months. Sloped areas require closer spacing (≤15 inches) to minimize soil erosion during establishment. Please see the following equation and table for information on the number of plugs/trays needed to establish your location. Please note that trays are only available as full trays and cannot be divided.

(Total Square Feet x Spacing Factor) ÷ 72 Plugs  =  Number of Trays

Kurapia Ground Cover Plugs